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Press Releases

Santa Cruz METRO to Operate Holiday Service for Independence Day

Santa Cruz, CA, July 3, 2019 - Santa Cruz METRO will not operate local fixed-route or Paracruz transit services in observance of the Fourth of July...[read more]


Santa Cruz METRO Board to Hold Public Hearing on Fiscal Year 2020 Proposed Budget 

Santa Cruz, CA, June 17, 2019 - The Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District Board of Directors will hold a public hearing to review the proposed two year rolling budget for Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021...[read more]


Santa Cruz METRO Seeks New METRO Advisory Committee Members

Santa Cruz, CA, June 3, 2019 - Beginning June 1, Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (SCMTD) is accepting nominations for two vacancies on its METRO Advisory Committee (MAC). Applications must be submittted by close of business on June 30, 2019....[read more]


Revisions to the Brown Act as of January 1st, 2019 require METRO to provide a direct link to all current agendas of all regular meetings.  This page will be regularly updated as new meeting agendas are posted.  Additional information and archives on each category of meeting is also provided within the Agency Information submenu items.  Contact METRO Administrative Offices if any of the links below are not current.


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Santa Cruz Metropolitan

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METRO Use of Measure D Funding in Fiscal Year 17/18

Measure D funding in the amount of $3,358,782 was received by METRO in FY17/18. Interest earned was $19,647 for total funding available of $3,378,429. These funds were used to support operations by increasing Fixed-route service, sustaining ParaCruz service, and maintaining service reliability. Funds were also used to leverage grant opportunities to fund capital vehicle replacements along with bus mid-life overhauls, bus repaints and a new capitalized lease that added 3 buses to METRO’s aging Fixed-route fleet.

Details include:

  • Measure D monies in the amount of $1,398,414 were used in FY17/18 to fund the 9 Fixed-route Bus Operator positions and the 1 Paracruz operator position detailed below:
    • As part of the reduced annual budget for FY16/17 (adopted in June 2016) METRO funded 4 Fixed-route Bus Operator positions using cash reserves to bridge the gap until FY18, in hopes that Measure D would be successful. If Measure D had not been successful, these services would have been eliminated. As a direct result of the passage of Measure D, these 4 Fixed-route Bus Operator positions were funded, and continue to be funded into FY18/19.
    • Measure D funds also provided an increase of 4 Fixed-route Bus Operators to improve service reliability, something that has been difficult since the staffing reduction that came with the cost savings measures implemented with the FY16/17 budget.
    • At the request of the METRO Board on May 19, 2017, an additional $120,000 of Measure D funds was committed and used to fund 1 additional Fixed-route Bus Operator position and the associated operating costs. That position provided additional trips on the Route 71.
    • In addition to funding increased Fixed-route services, Measure D funds allowed METRO to fund 1 Paracruz operator and to sustain its current level of service, which actually exceeds the service level required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If Measure D had not been successful, both Fixed-route and ParaCruz service levels would have been subject to reduction.
  • The Measure D funds also allowed METRO to pursue grant opportunities for Fixed-route buses and ParaCruz van replacements along with bus mid-life overhauls, bus repaints, and 3 new lease-to-own Fixed-route buses. The new vehicles increase service reliability while the mid-life overhauls and bus repaints decrease maintenance costs.
    • In FY17/18, the Measure D funds also helped leverage a variety of capital grants by providing the local match. METRO was able to commit funds to $6.8 million in bus and van related capital projects and spent $532,332. The remainder of the funds ($1,045,869) received but not spent in FY17/18 were “rolled forward” to FY18/19 to complete the vehicle capital projects in progress, and provide the local match to new grant opportunities.

Supplementary Questions for Applications

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