WatsonVille Transit Center Redesign Photo Montage

Santa Cruz METRO and the City of Watsonville are partnering to redesign the Watsonville Transit Center in the heart of downtown Watsonville.


Shaping the vision for the future design of the station.

Located at the corner of Rodriguez Street and W. Lake Avenue, the site began its existence as a bank and was later converted in 1994 to serve as Watsonville's primary multimodal transit center.

After 20 years of wear and tear, the current Watsonville Transit Center is an aging and outdated facility with issues that need to be addressed. The primary goal of this redesign project is to transform the current configuration into a smoother operating, visually open, and inviting transit center that is compatible with the downtown Watsonville area and able to meet the City’s current and future needs.
The Transit Center Redesign project offers opportunities for METRO, the City of Watsonville, and the surrounding community to improve the transit experience for commuters and METRO employees alike. The Watsonville Transit Center will act as a catalyst for positive development in the surrounding area and provide an attractive environment that is safe, functional, and iconic for the Watsonville community at large.

Take the Survey

The first two rounds of community outreach meetings were a great success in guiding the planning and design process in the right direction, and METRO would like to continue the collaborative process by enabling further public feedback via online survey.

Please provide Feedback by (1) opening the three concept options provided in the links below, then (2) using those design diagrams as a reference while taking the WTC Re-design Online Survey

Survey: PDF for print & mail

Please review the conceptual design options provided in the links below, then fill out the Online Survey or return via U.S. Mail, Attn: Planning, Santa Cruz Metro, 110 Vernon Street, Santa Cruz, CA  95060 (find link to PDF at bottom of this page) . Santa Cruz METRO will be accepting community comments and concept feedback (via online survey or U.S. mail) until July 31st, 2015.

  • Concept 1: Single Story Program under Large Roof
  • Concept 2: Two Story Station on Rodriguez
  • Concept 3: Two Story Station on Center Platform, Community Room on Rodriguez

Additionally, an animated fly-through of the proposed design concepts has been created by Baumgartner+Uriu and is available here: https://youtu.be/QjBFJpc4FdU


Outreach Meeting Material: View presentation materials from the 2nd Round of Public Outreach meetings. Includes comprehensive diagrams and explanations of design elements.


Contact: Planning Department This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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