Donna Meyers


Donna Meyers is currently serving the City of Santa Cruz as Mayor and has previously served as Vice Mayor and a member of the Santa Cruz City Council.


As Mayor, Donna’s focus is on climate resiliency and adaptation within the city of Santa Cruz, completing and implementing the City’s 15-year Parks Master Plan, working in partnership with the County of Santa Cruz on identifying ways to address the county's unsheltered population and providing countywide services for mental health and drug and alcohol treatment, as well as keeping our neighborhoods and local businesses vibrant by addressing crime and other issues and providing our community with necessary housing and services.


Donna also serves as General Manager for the Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency/Regional Government Services working towards achieving groundwater sustainability in the Salinas Valley Basin per the Groundwater Sustainability Act passed in 2014. As General Manager, she facilitates in the completion of groundwater sustainability plans for six groundwater sub-basins and works with local partners on implementation projects and program monitoring and modeling.


For the past 20 years, Donna has also worked in coastal resource and watershed management with a focus on the watersheds and coastal lands of the Central Coast of California. She has facilitated over several watershed management plans, endangered species programs, regional restoration efforts and conservation organization collaborations and partnerships. Additionally, she has raised over $35 million in funds to facilitate protection and restoration of lands and waters of the Central Coast.


Mayor Meyers’ lives in Santa Cruz California with her wife and two dogs and spends her free time hiking, gardening, cooking, traveling and surfing.