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We are currently not selling discounted tickets due to Reduced Fares, orders will be cancelled

METRO CRUZ Pass and CRUZ Cash cards are plastic smart cards the size of a credit card. These long lasting reloadable cards make boarding easier and faster, and are an alternative to disposable paper passes.

  • CAN be purchased, reloaded, or have status of your CRUZ Card read at the Customer Service Information Booth
  • CAN be reloaded, or have the status of your CRUZ Card read at any METRO Ticket Vending Machine (TVM)
  • CANNOT be purchased at any METRO Ticket Vending Machine (TVM)
  • CANNOT be reloaded with new cash or pass value from this website
  • Upon boarding a bus, tap your CRUZ Card on the red circle on the farebox
    • You may request from the Operator to read the status your CRUZ Card at this time
    • The proper fare is deducted from CRUZ Cash Cards.  CRUZ Passes are validated by the farebox
  • NOTE: As of 10/27/15
    • The $3 service charge applied for each CRUZ Card at the time of purchase has been WAIVED
    • The lanyard with card carrier is now sold separately for $3
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CRUZ Cards

Lanyard with Card Carrier

Santa Cruz METRO Lanyard with plastic card carrier.

Base price with tax:
Salesprice with discount:
Sales price: $3.00