Fall Service (09/10/2015 - 06/15/2016)

View a Printable Map & Schedule 66 Live Oak via 17th
To Capitola Mall
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Santa Cruz Metro Lane 4
Capitola Road & 7th Ave.
Portola & 30th
Capitola Mall
  A B C D
6:45am 6:55am 7:03am 7:15am
7:45am 7:55am 8:03am 8:15am
8:45am 8:55am 9:05am 9:18am
9:45am 9:55am 10:05am 10:18am
10:45am 10:55am 11:05am 11:18am
11:45am 11:55am 12:05pm 12:18pm
12:45pm 12:57pm 1:07pm 1:20pm
1:45pm 1:57pm 2:08pm 2:22pm
 Footnote Point 1 2:45pm 3:00pm 3:11pm 3:25pm
3:45pm 3:57pm 4:08pm 4:22pm
4:45pm 4:59pm 5:10pm 5:25pm
5:50pm 6:05pm 6:16pm 6:35pm
7:00pm 7:10pm 7:20pm 7:30pm
8:30pm 8:40pm 8:50pm 9:00pm

Footnote Description 1 - This trip serves Harbor High at La Fonda and 7th Avenue between Soquel Ave and Capitola Road.