Reimagine Metro

Reimagine METRO is a 15-month planning and public engagement process that will evaluate METRO’s entire service network, re-envisioning where buses go and how often they should run.

Key goals include:

  • Increase the amount of service provided
  • Make transit more relevant to the community’s needs
  • Adapt to post-COVID travel patterns
  • Create a network that is useful and attractive for many people’s trips

How do we get there?

  • Early wins. How can METRO improve service in the next year, with currently available resources?
  • Alternatives. What could a network with more service look like, depending on your policy priorities?
  • Draft and Final plan based on community input and direction. This plan will require additional funding.

Project Timeline

  • March: Phase 1 Public Outreach and Existing Conditions
  • May: Early Wins defined
  • July: Alternatives Report
  • July-August: Public Outreach
  • November: Draft Plan
  • Dec-Jan: Public Outreach on Draft Plan
  • March 2024: Final Plan

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Reimagine METRO will seek input from all interested members of the public, starting with a community-wide online public meeting this March 2023.

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