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17 - Highway 17 Express

Spring Route 17 Alerts

General Announcements

METRO Real-Time Soft Launch

Santa Cruz METRO is pleased to announce  METRO Real-Time services. 

Go to to try it out and subscribe to Service Alert Notifications.

 Or text "SCM XXXX" to 41411 (where XXXX is a stop ID)


We are nearly complete in equipping the last of our entire fleet of buses with the necessary equipment to report real-time location and estimated arrival times via website, SMS text message, and Google Transit Real-Time feed for all transit apps.

At this finalizing stage, we caution that NOT EVERY BUS in service on the road is reporting their location to the real-time system.

On check the route you are interested in on the map. If you see a live bus updating location on the route map, then arrival predictions will be available.

There is no longer information available on This site will soon be taken down permanently.


Quarterly Service Updates

Highway 17 Express

Weekdays: Three Highway 17 Express weekday morning commute period northbound trips will continue on past San Jose Diridon to Santa Clara & 6th, plus an additional stop, San Fernando & 7th St (Stop ID 0914), to serve downtown and SJSU. Three weekday afternoon/evening commute period southbound trips will also serve downtown and SJSU, but they will operate with a new routing. Those trips will begin from San Jose Diridon and serve Santa Clara St stops in the same direction as the morning trips, and then serve a new San Fernando & 7th eastbound stop (Stop ID 0926) on the opposite side of the street (campus side). From there, the bus will turn right on 10th Street, then get on I-280 and Hwy 17 to Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz. These three southbound trips that serve downtown and SJSU will not serve Barack Obama Blvd & Park (Stop ID 0915) or Barack Obama Blvd and San Carlos Ave (Stop ID 0902). All of these trips that serve downtown and SJSU will include service to both Scotts Valley Transit Center and Scotts Valley Drive.

All Alerts and News Bulletins

Monday - Friday Highway 17 Express to San Jose

Transfers to/from VTA may be available on this route - visit our Transfer Policy Page
Trip Info
Santa Cruz Metro Lane 2
Cavallaro Transit Center (Scotts Vly)
Diridon Station (Caltrain Depot)
San Fernando & 7th
5:43am trip5:57am6:38am
6:32am trip Footnote 16:46am7:32am7:40am
7:30am trip Footnote 17:44am8:30am8:38am
8:10am trip Footnote 18:24am9:10am9:18am
8:55am trip9:09am9:50am
9:45am trip9:59am10:40am
10:45am trip11:30am
11:35am trip11:49am12:30pm
12:50pm trip1:35pm
1:55pm trip2:09pm2:50pm
2:45pm trip3:00pm3:45pm
3:30pm trip4:20pm
4:10pm trip4:25pm5:10pm
4:45pm trip Footnote 15:00pm5:50pm
5:45pm trip6:35pm
6:30pm trip Footnote 16:44pm7:30pm
7:45pm trip8:35pm
8:55pm trip9:07pm9:45pm
Transfers to/from VTA may be available on this route - visit our Transfer Policy Page

Footnote Description 1 - Serves Scotts Valley Drive.