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 General Announcements

METRO Fare Restructuring

Effective: Feb 26 - Mar 23 2018

METRO's Board of Directors has voted to postpone the Fare Restructuring Analysis until a later date. Please note that all April public meetings on the Fare Restructuring Analysis are canceled.

 Quarterly Service Changes

Spring Service (Mar 8, 2018 - Jun 13, 2018)

Highway 17 Express

See Route Schedule: 17     See Route Map: 17

Weekdays: The 6:35AM departure from Santa Cruz Metro Center has moved five minutes later to 6:40AM and will not stop in Scotts Valley; after Pasatiempo, it will proceed directly to San Jose.

To serve Scotts Valley, a new trip will start at the Cavallaro Transit Center departing at 6:50AM.

The 9:05AM trip from Santa Cruz Metro Center has been moved 10 minutes later to 9:15AM.

The 5:30PM “Friday-only” departure from Santa Cruz Metro Center has been discontinued.

Southbound from San Jose, a new trip will depart San Fernando & 7th at 7:20AM; it will not serve Scotts Valley.

The following southbound departure times from San Fernando & 7th have been changed: 10:35AM will be 10:40AM; 4:00PM will be 4:10PM; 4:40PM will be 4:35PM; 6:35PM will be 6:45PM; the 6:55PM departure has been discontinued.

Route 69W – Capitola Road / Cabrillo / Watsonville

See Route Schedule: 69W     See Route Map: 69W

Daily: Service to the Soquel Dr & 41st Ave stop (Stop ID 1817), inbound to Santa Cruz Metro Center, has been discontinued.

Service Alerts

Service Alerts

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Public Hearings

Public Hearings

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