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General Announcements

General Announcements

New $1 Summer Student Fare

Effective: Jul 01 - Sep 30 2014

Any local ride, any time, $1 for K-12 Students with a valid Student ID, half its regular cost.
Santa Cruz METRO, your summer license to ride!

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On June 27, 2014, Santa Cruz METRO’s Board of Directors overwhelmingly approved reducing bus fare for K-12 students to half its current rate starting July 1, 2014 through September 30, 2014. The initiative, brought forth by METRO Board Chair Dene Bustichi, is designed to encourage youth ridership and will charge students $1 per ride with valid school identification.

"We want to get young people on our buses and educate them on the value of public transportation" said Bustichi. "This way, when they’re ready to get their licenses, maybe they’ll choose to continue to ride the buses instead and make them less dependent on cars."

The program also has strong support from the Santa Cruz County’s Office of Education along with local youth groups such as the Boys & Girls Club.

Alex Clifford, Santa Cruz METRO’s CEO/General Manager, explained that this program has two goals. The first goal is aimed at those who are too young to ride alone. The reduced bus fare will make it easier for parents to take their children to beaches, museums, libraries, Big Basin and other entertainment venues in the county. The second goal seeks to encourage those who are old enough to travel alone to use the bus to get to entertainment venues on their own. "Our hope is to encourage young people to become regular riders of the bus and to help keep them occupied with access to quality activities during the summer months", said Clifford.

Public Hearings

Public Hearings

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Contracting Goal

Effective: Aug 08 2014

The Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District is proposing a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal of 1.5% for U.S. Department of Transportation assisted contracts for FFY15-FFY17.

A Public Hearing has been rescheduled for Friday, August 8th at 8:30AM and will be held at 110 Vernon Street, Santa Cruz.

Quarterly Service Updates

Quarterly Service Updates

Summer Service Jun 19, 2014 - Sep 10, 2014

Route 3 - Mission / Natural Bridges

Weekends: For summer service only, Route 3 has altered routing in order to avoid weekend beach traffic.  This route will not serve the Beach/Boardwalk area.

Route 68 - Live Oak via Broadway / Portola

See Route Schedule: 68     See Route Map: 68    

Weekends: For summer service only, Route 68 has altered routing in order to avoid weekend beach traffic.  This route will use Broadway between Front Street and Ocean Street instead of San Lorenzo Blvd.

Route 71 - Santa Cruz / Watsonville

See Route Schedule: 71     See Route Map: 71    

Daily: The 11:45 PM Route 71 will now go into service at 11:35 PM at the Boardwalk (Cliff & Beach bus stop) then continues to Santa Cruz Metro Center for the regularly scheduled 11:45 PM departure.  This change is for the summer only.

Route 74 - Ohlone Parkway / Rolling Hills

See Route Schedule: 74     See Route Map: 74    

Daily: The routing and schedule for the Route 74 have both changed.  This route will now serve the Watsonville Hospital once on each trip rather than twice.  After serving the Watsonville Hospital and Freedom Centre, this route will then serve the Rolling Hills area before returning to the Watsonville Transit Center. The weekday 7:00 AM and 3:10 PM trips that serve Pajaro Valley High School will now become a new route called the Route 74S.

Route 74S - PVHS / Watsonville Hospital

See Route Schedule: 74S     See Route Map: 74S    

Weekday:  This is a new route that will serve Pajaro Valley High School, Freedom Centre and Watsonville Hospital.  It is similar to the Route 74 but is different enough that it has been given a different designation with the “S” meant to signify “school” service.  The morning routing has been altered from the afternoon routing in order to more efficiently take students to and from Pajaro Valley High School. The 7:00 AM  trip will serve the high school after serving Freedom Centre and the Watsonville Hospital.  The 3:10 PM trip will serve the high school, then Freedom Centre and the Watsonville Hospital.

Route 77 - Civic Plaza / Pajaro

See Route Schedule: 77     See Route Map: 77    

Weekday: The routing and schedule have both changed. This route will now serve Crestview Center after serving the Pajaro area.

Service Alerts

Service Alerts

None at this time.