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General Announcements

Youth Art Poster Contest Results

Effective: Mar 12 - Jun 17 2015

A big THANK YOU to all of our participants in Santa Cruz METRO's Youth Art Poster Contest, themed “Cruz with METRO”.  We had so many wonderfully creative submissions that making a final decision was very difficult for the judging committee.

After March 12th, ALL of the artwork submitted will be on display in the interior of the Santa Cruz Metro Buses, and the top winning entries will be seen on the exterior of the METRO buses, and will also be displayed at the Santa Cruz Metro Center (920 Pacific  Avenue, Downtown).

The winning entry is featured on the cover of the Spring Headways Rider's Guide available March 12, and on our home page. All entries are displayed on the Santa Cruz  METRO facebook page at:


Thanks again to our students for sharing their artistic talents with the community, and to our community supporters: Stokes Signs and Woodstock's Pizza!

A Note from the CEO (February)

Effective: Feb 10 - Jun 17 2015

This is the next installment in our discussion about information we have been presenting to the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO) Board of Directors as we strive to understand the contributing factors to the structural deficit and identify potential solutions. We have now completed five workshops with the Board.  As we seek to achieve transparency, I encourage you to take advantage of our website and follow our Board presentations by going to Board Agenda and Minutes Archives and then choose the Agenda Packet you are interested in reviewing. Please note that the Structural Deficit Workshops started on August 8, 2014 and have occurred at the first Board meeting each month. However, in January and February they are scheduled to occur at the second Board meeting in the month.

Public Meetings are scheduled throughout February, and final Board action is tentatively set for March 2015. Please continue to follow this discussion monthly as we present additional material to the Santa Cruz METRO Board of Directors as we work diligently to resolve the funding challenges ahead.

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These are a few key points contained in the recent workshop:

  • We learned that our peer agencies, in which we benchmark, have done a number of things to balance their budgets since the 2008 economic crisis. Those include various combinations of fare increases, service reductions, wage freezes and the use of reserves.
  • Annual Budget: The Board, by consensus, seeks to establish and maintain certain key reserves at suggested levels in areas of Workers’ Comp, Liability Insurance, Cash Flow and Operating Reserves.
  • The list of Unmet Needs is growing. This growing list reflects service requests identified by the community, our customers and stakeholders. It contains a number of potential service opportunities that could be considered if there were funding identified.
  • METRO staff has identified a number of efficiencies and revenue enhancements that could help bridge the gap. One of these revenue enhancements includes consideration of a restructuring of the Highway 17 fares.
  • ParaCruz, which operates as the second highest cost/trip among our peers, is seeking public comment on a number of efficiencies, including aligning the days and hours of service to the fixed route service. We are also seeking public comment on a proposal to establish a mileage-based ParaCruz fare.
  • The Board understands that resolving the structural deficit will take a multi-year approach.
  • Numerous public meetings will be convened throughout the county to receive public input on these proposals. Based on the public input, the Board will determine which proposals to take back to the public in a Public Hearing.

Alex Clifford, CEO

Santa Cruz METRO

Notice of Intention to Amend the Conflict-of-Interest Code

Effective: Jan 23 - Mar 13 2015

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO) intends to amend a conflict-of-interest code pursuant to Government Code Section 87300 and 87306. Pursuant to Government Code Section 87302, the code will designate employees who must disclose certain investments, income, interests in real property and business positions, and who must disqualify themselves from making or participating in the making of governmental decisions affecting those interests.

METRO’s Board of Directors will review all public comments and consider whether to implement the amendments at the Board Meeting on March 13, 2015 at METRO’s Administrative Offices, 110 Vernon Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Complete details and public comment instructions are posted here.

Quarterly Service Updates

Spring Service Mar 12, 2015 - Jun 17, 2015

Route 6 - Broadway / Frederick

This route has been discontinued.

Route 35 - San Lorenzo Valley (SLV)

Weekends: Service to Big Basin State Park has been reinstated. The 8:30 AM and 6:30 PM trips from Santa Cruz to Boulder Creek will end at Big Basin State Park. The 10:05 AM trip from Country Club to Santa Cruz will now go into service at Big Basin State Park at 9:50 AM. The 7:58 PM trip from Country Club to Santa Cruz will now go into service at Big Basin State Park at 7:48 PM.

Route 40 - Davenport / North Coast Beaches

Weekends: Service to Waddell Creek has been reinstated in the afternoon. This trip will depart Santa Cruz METRO Center at 4:30 PM and serve Waddell Creek north of Davenport.

Winter Service Dec 18, 2014 - Mar 11, 2015

Route 35 - San Lorenzo Valley (SLV)

See Route Schedule: 35 35A     See Route Map: 35 35A    

Weekends: Service to Big Basin State Park will be discontinued for the Winter. Service will resume on Saturday, March 14, 2015.

Route 40 - Davenport / North Coast Beaches

See Route Schedule: 40     See Route Map: 40    

Weekends: Service to Waddell Creek will be discontinued for the Winter. Service will resume on Saturday, March 14, 2015.

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